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1. The rights of Members.
Members have the right to:

1.1 Leave edit posts on the forum.
1.2 To create topics and polls in the forums and subforums in view of their subjects.
1.3 Correctly express their opinion on the messages of other users by changing the reputation for this post.

2. Duties of Members.
Members are required to:

2.1 Read the rules.
2.2 Read the rules in chapters subforums and perceive them as required to fulfill the conditions of a particular section of the forum.
2.3 Observe the rights of users, be correct in discussing any issues and questions.

3. Users are forbidden to carry out the actions described in the following paragraphs:
3.1 Register "nickname" to leave a message, put your signature phrases and pictures, if they promote violence in any form, are offensive to Members, promote incitement of ethnic hatred, promote drugs.
3.2 Use obscene words and expressions (mat), obscene words with letter substitutions, obscene words and expressions, translit etc.
(Exceptions are jokes in the section Humor)
3.3 Provoking other users on the conflict.
3.4 Regularly post, do not carry the meaning, as well as two-thirds or more consisting of pronouns, smiles and interjections (Flame, flood).
3.5 To create topics and post messages, consisting of capital letters.
3.6 Creating topics not relevant topics sub-forums, as well as re-issues.
3.7 To create topics and posts obvious advertising without notice to the Forum Administrator or moderator of this section.
3.8 Use quoting reports of large amounts unless absolutely necessary.
3.9 Publicly discuss the actions of the administrator or moderator. Kara ban for a period of 1 week.
3.10 publicly clarify personal relationships in the public to discuss the topic, as well as the use of a forum for settling scores.
3.11 publicly, directly or indirectly, to express their personal dislike of a particular party forum in the form of a communications offensive to him, which violate or do not relate to the subject of the topic.

4. Penalties for violation of the rules.
4.1 Warning (yellow card). A warning is issued in cases of non-compliance with the moderator of one of the paragraphs of article 3, with the offender notification using private messages.
4.2 Violation (red card). Delivers the moderator, adding points to the overall amount, with the offender notification using private messages. Upon reaching the total score of 2, the user enters the automatic ban for a period of 2 days.
4.3 In cases deliberately provoked conflicts, violation of (or ban) is punishable by a provocateur.
4.4 The administration reserves the right to set the banned user without a public explanation of its reasons in a private message.
4.5 For violation of paragraph 3.10 violator completely physically removed from the forum with messages and themes followed by a permanent ban!
4.6 For violation of paragraph 3.11 the offender receives a warning, or 2 points in the treasury of violations.

5. The adoption of the agreement.
5.1 By registering, you automatically agree to these rules.
5.2 subforums moderators may introduce additions to the regulations do not contradict the main.
5.3 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt the user from liability.

6. Termination.
Blocking of an account or an indefinite ban by decision of the Administration, with the user's tolerance to the site is blocked.
In the case of non-compliance with Article 3 of the rules of the forum, the Administration reserves the right to make any action with the offending account without explanation.

7. Other provisions of the rules.
Administration may modify these rules at any time with notice of changes in the "News" section, or by "important announcement".
By agreeing to the rules, you agree to comply with the forum in general, as well as the requirements of Russian legislation.
The administrator reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

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